Tuesday, July 1, 2008

like I said!

See things don't always get done around here. Like the Blog! In our busy lives we forgot to BLOG. I've been creating and scraping and making all sorts of fun stuff! Nickole Is officially in Highschool, Justin is now in Middle school and the twins and Jon are still in elementary! woohoo for me. I'm tired after work today... Oh yeah and I switched jobs. I am in framing now. I'll post more when i've had coffee, cooled down and had a nice long shower!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

the death of a friend and a new friend brought home.

It is sad to say that our little snowflake lost her battle with the cold she had. she passed away in the night two days ago. Yesterday I went to the pet store to find my little Marty a toy and instead found myself watching the parakeet cage. Just watching them all play and fight and enjoy their little lives. One little green and yellow keet had me watching her because of how feisty she was! She would toss her toy and then chase it! Also she was trying to step on the other keets it was so funny she looked like she was karate kicking them! It had me cracking up! needless to say I had to bring her home. She managed to bite me while in the car. IT HURT!!!

Glenn met our newest family member and was eager to hold her. I said NO She bites hard! But he didn't listen to me and sure enough! CHOMP!!! I was trying to think of some cute little name like sarakeet or sara sue. But Glenn said NOPE!!! MAB is her new name. Mab: mean a$$ bird! so that is her name and it really has applied! maybe with time she will learn to love us.

The haul

The kids had a blast and managed to find every last egg!

Why you should never let 2 grown men hide the last 2 eggs at easter!

ok I have to admit when this first happened I was rather irritated that the guys would have taken their duty so lightly! Nickole gave Grandpa Mike and Glenn the last two eggs to hide. Grandpa said here I hid it and chucked it against the wall where it then fell down under the window. Easy to find and not harmed at all! All I could said is thank God it was a plastic egg! Glenn saw that and while I was still trying to get past my shock threw his against the house too!
Glenn was NOT as lucky as my dad. His landed IN the rose bush! Nickole was talking getting the tongs out and Glenn was in agreement. I told them both LATER after the hunt! Well little Jon with his nerves of steel and his ability to get into and out of weird places managed to get the egg without even a scratch!


Oh we had so much fun this Easter at our house. The kids all colored eggs and we had way to much food! My parents were all here and even helped hide eggs!

Grandpa Mike, Nickole and Glenn and I were the official bunnies of the day! lol Nickole and I decided to color coordinate eggs to bikes and hid about four over there. We also used every pile of leaves or grass we could find. Plus a few more OBVIOUS places. I mean how easy is it to hide a NEON egg?!?
I think Nickole had the most fun! She was also the gate keeper for releasing the kids! She had the official say so for letting the kids go or not go.

St. Patrick's day!

This year was so last minute! I was hiding the goodies and clues after all the kids came home. We also had to extras for all the fun. Our little neighbor girls came over and helped find the candy and solve the clues which ended in the kids finding all their toppings for ice cream sundae's. But when all was said and done the kids had fun and still didn't catch lenny the leprechaun! ;-)

wow so much to catch up on... Divorce

Wow who knew having a little computer trouble would put you so far behind. On March 11th my divorce to jason became final. I expected a huge weight to be lifted off my chest but instead it felt like any other day. With one exception... I WAS FREE!!!! I felt so excited! Finally I was able to start over. Completely! The kids all said THANK GOD!

I posted it on my space and apparently jason's girlfriend read it and since he had been lying to her she had no idea! She had been told we were done for a while. *sigh* some people never will change.